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XuiS is Recruiting
Due to the growing interest in Password Control Centre, our inexpensive but highly secure Identity & Access Management software suite, we’re having to expand our sales team so are looking to recruit additional graduate telesales executives to work in our Leatherhead offices
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Topic of the Month
The threat from outsider or, more likely, insider attack is increasing but budgets available to combat the threat are being cut! 

Now, with ConsoleMon™ from XuiS, you can combine the strengths of an in-band event monitoring tool with the real-time power of an out-of-band solution but for an initial & ongoing price lower than you’d typically pay for either. 

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News at a Glance
Password Control Centre™
Portsmouth City Council in the UK is the latest high profile client to choose our Password Control Centre software to relieve its Service Desk of the workload caused by users’ password reset requests.

In addition, their users will also be able to securely manage their own details in Active Directory rather than requesting the Service Desk to perform this important but time-consuming account update task.

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Solutions @ Work
CIE chooses
CIE is focused on maximising the use of public transport in Ireland whilst reducing costs. A key component of this strategy is the selection of
XS-EnterpriseSCHEDULE™ to ensure that the batch runs on their Integrity systems operate faultlessly.

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