Backup and Disaster Recovery

UltraBac Software has earned a reputation for providing reliable, fast and innovative backup & disaster recovery software to organisations of all sizes. UltraBac™ provides comprehensive data protection for Windows servers, with a wide range of system and application agents plus flexible industry-leading backup and recovery for virtual servers and bare metal restore.

Backup and Disaster Recovery - Base Products
File-by-file backup is the basic standard for data protection, but there is nothing basic about UltraBac. The software has been specifically developed for the latest Windows operating systems and is scalable from small to large users, catering for a wide array of diverse business computing environments and requirements.
UBDR Gold has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate in server and workstation protection by minimising the excessive and costly downtime of a failed computer system. UBDR Gold can return the average machine to operational status in 15 minutes or less. UBDR Gold provides physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) disaster recovery, providing users with every available virtual disaster recovery option. UBDR Gold recoveries can be fully automated without any local administration.
The UltraBac Ultimate Bundle provides the best all round protection for your business server, combining the standard backups of UltraBac with UBDR Gold disaster recovery. This provides one server with quick file-by-file and/or bare metal restores, in addition to performing dissimilar hardware restores and virtual recoveries.
UltraCopy provides businesses with the ability to perform disk-to-disk-to-tape operations using any disk and tape hardware combination. It can perform tape duplication and multiple disk backups, copying and consolidating them in their native UltraBac format to tape with media spanning support. Built-in migration features allow mission critical backups to be automatically copied to off-site locations.
Virtual Backup
The UltraBac Hyper-V Agent is the only agentless backup product on the market with the ability to choose the target disk format (VHD or VHDX), providing the unique ability to perform two-way conversions. A user can back up in VHD disk format and restore in VHDX format, and vice-versa, with just a single click of a mouse. No extra time is needed during the restore process to perform conversions. Unlike competitive products, the Hyper-V Agent does the conversion for you during the restore process — no other steps are required.
The Virtual Disk Agent is available for purchase with UBDR Gold, or users can purchase the stand-alone Virtual Disk Utility. Both versions create either a VMware ESX or GSX VMDK file, or a Microsoft VHD file during backup operations. With UBDR Gold, the software can also concurrently create an image backup. Incremental and differential backups automatically update the base VMDK/VHD directly inside the datastore with only the changes from the last backup – a totally unique feature. If a disaster strikes, all an administrator needs to do is power on the backup VM to enable the failover server to resume operational status, typically in less than 3 minutes!
The vSphere Agent performs centralised virtual machine backups without the disruption and overhead of running backup tasks from inside each VM. Changed Block Tracking (CBT) reduces the backup window and provides amazing restore speeds. The agent's ability to execute these incremental backups of virtual disks allows VM images to be updated every few minutes and recovered to a specified point-in-time.
Backup and Disaster Recovery - Agents & Options
The UltraBac Exchange Agent allows local and remote backups of live, operational databases without shut down. This is a required UltraBac option for 24x7 operation. The agent uses Microsoft Exchange APIs for fast and reliable full & incremental database dumps. Protects Exchange 2013, 2010, and 2007 with VSS support, as well as Exchange 2003, 2000, and 5.5.
The FTP Device allows direct backups to any FTP or SFTP RFC 959 compliant server. This makes offsite backup configuration extremely easy. An FTP or SFTP server with sufficient storage (even non-Windows hosts) is all you need. FTP Device configuration requirements are minimal and the FTP Device is integrated seamlessly with UltraBac's Device Manager.
The UltraBac Oracle Agent allows backups of an Oracle Server database without closing the application, providing hot and cold backups locally or remotely of Oracle version 8i and greater.
The UltraBac SQL Agent allows local and remote backups of live, operational databases without shut down. This is a required UltraBac option for 24x7 operation. The agent uses Microsoft SQL APIs for fast and reliable full & incremental database dumps, providing recovery of a database to its original location or restoration to a new location.
The TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) Device allows UltraBac to write data to a TSM server, where Tivoli's unique storage management features can be leveraged alongside UltraBac's rich client-level backup strengths. UltraBac manages the administration of the backup and restore processes, while Tivoli manages the media that these backups are written to. TSM Device uses Tivoli’s API for a robust interface with the TSM architecture and has been qualified for TSM API levels 4.2 and above.
Linux Backup
The UltraBac UX Agent provides file level data backup protection for a Linux server (OpenSUSE, Red Hat, SLES) from a Windows server.
The UltraBac UX Image Agent can cold boot a Linux machine and perform an image based backup to any local or remote storage device. Recover a "dead" machine in minutes by booting from the UX Image Agent Restore CD/DVD. Simply insert the CD/DVD, boot, browse, click on the saved image, restore, and reboot.
The UltraBac UX Bundle provides the best all round protection for your Linux server. The product combines the standard file backups of UltraBac with fast image disaster recovery, providing quick file-by-file or bare metal restores at your fingertips.